One of the most powerful storms ever is hitting populated land right now, and none of the major media networks have live coverage. Let’s assemble the best of social media from the storm, and keep it live right here.

I’ll update this throughout the night as best I can. And you can help! Post pictures, videos, social media stuff and, well, pretty much anything useful in comments and I’ll surface it, keeping this going as it develops. Popular hashtags around the storm seem to be #hurricanepatricia, #hurricanepatricia2015, and, perhaps presciently #prayformexico.

(9:47am PST)


(9:43am PST)


(9:41am PST)

(11:51pm PST)

(11:44pm PST)

(11:37pm PST)

(11:35pm PST)

(11:32pm PST)

(11:25pm PST) More photos from the aftermath:

(11:22pm PST)

(11:17pm PST)

(11:04pm PST)

(10:59pm PST) The NOAA has downgraded the storm to a category 2 and issued this forecast.

(10:58pm PST) An earthquake too?!

(10:55pm PST)

(10:49pm PST)

(10:48pm PST)

(10:43pm PST): Mexican President says: “With the information available up to now and taking into account that the (weather) phenomenon is ongoing, the first reports confirm that the damages have been smaller than those corresponding to a hurricane of this magnitude.”

(10:39pm PST) Holy shit!

(10:37pm PST) AP has plenty of shot of flooding in Texas, but nothing from Patricia.

(10:30pm PST) Tourists in Puerto Vallarta appear to be returning to hotels:

(10:27pm PST)

(10:17pm PST) Believe it when we see the phone bills #projectfi:

(10:11pm PST)

(10:10pm PST)

(10:07pm PST)

(10:04pm PST)

(10:02pm PST)

(9:58pm PST)

(9:56pm PST) It’s already flooding in Texas:

(9:55pm PST)

(9:53pm PST)

(9:52pm PST)

(9:49pm PST) Look at that water!

(9:47pm PST) People are out driving around in this shit!

(9:46pm PST) NASA footage:

(9:44pm PST)

(9:43pm PST) People are gathering outside the Mexican consulate in LA:

(9:39pm PST) Did you know a nearly identical storm hit the area in 1959, killing over 1,000 people?

(9:37pm PST) Trees on cars.

(9:35pm PST) The storm’s eye is now completely over land:

(9:34pm PST) We have aftermath images: